Financial consulting

Novium has demonstrated in various areas that:
‚We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients‘

Our industry expertise and ability to see the big picture enable us to work with you to develop the appropriate financial solution.

Novium aims to build trust through its independence and neutral analyses, combined with its partner-like approach to working with clients personally and consistently in an effort to understand their needs.

When you work with us, you benefit from the fact that we have only your interests at heart when we search for the best solution for you.

Novium offers financial solutions in the following areas:

  • asset protection
  • sustainability
  • succession planning
  • asset management
  • investment management
  • Investment Managment
  • fund solutions
    - fund structures
    - specialty funds
  • structured products for institutional investors
  • insurance solutions
  • real estate
  • AIS (alternative investments)
    - selection of specialty funds
  • Institutional credit funding for structured transaction / ILS (Insurance-Linked Securities) and diverse projects
  • Private equity funding
  • Disposal of distressed investments eg:
    - Private equity holdings / limited partnerships
    - ABS - Asset backed securities
    - CLO's - Collateralized loan obligations
    - CDO's - Collateralized debt obligations