Funds for third parties

Aside from requiring appropriate expertise, creating a fund is costly and time-consuming.

,It doesn't have to be that way‘

Novium creates funds for third parties, as well as its own funds, and it does this

  • efficiently and cost-effectively *)
  • with minimized taxes

,saving valuable time‘

  • Novium prepares prospects and rules of procedure with the help of a select group of experienced service partners.

Added value

  • Time savings
  • Cost effective
  • Novium offers various funds of funds:

    professional implementation:
    - quickly
    - at a reasonable effort
    - cost saving **)

    * For example, Novium has a proven, effective network in Malta. The decision-making process right up to the authority level is efficient.
    ** The cost structure is adapted to the client's specifications. The first costs are usually incurred upon receipt of approval.
  • Funds can be set up in accordance with various laws.

    Novium manages funds in
    - Liechtenstein
    - Malta and
    - Bahamas

Why Malta?

Over the past few years, Malta has evolved into one of Europe's leading fund service providers.
Malta has a very modern investment fund law and an established banking and stock exchange infrastructure.

  • Malta offers many tax advantages.
  • Malta offers decision makers extensive flexibility and efficient decision processes.
  • The Republic of Malta has been a member of the European Union since May 1, 2004.
  • Malta has evolved into a modern financial centre. Famous companies have selected Malta as their domicile.
  • This is partly because of the very well educated English-speaking specialists in many business areas.

Sales partners

Novium helps with the search for specialized, appropriate sales partners.

For further information, refer to the speciality funds section.