Specialty funds

Novium's range of specialty funds comprises funds invested in the following sectors/with the following objectives:


  • real estate
  • construction/construction materialsn
  • logistics
  • health care
  • private equity
  • wood industry
  • art/collections
  • energy
  • mezzanine capital
  • derivatives
  • equities
  • fund of funds
  • Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)

For further information about individual funds:
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For general information about third-party funds:
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Funds can be set up in accordance with various laws.

For example, Malta

Malta has very modern investment fund laws and an established banking and stock exchange infrastructure.

  • Malta offers many tax advantages.
  • Malta offers extensive flexibility for decision makers and efficient decision processes.
  • The Republic of Malta has been a member of the European Union since May 1, 2004.
  • Malta has evolved into a modern financial centre. Famous companies have selected Malta as their domicile.
  • This is partly because of the very well educated English-speaking specialists in many business areas.