Structured products

Capital, preservation and portfolio hedging

Our industry expertise and ability to see the big picture enables us to construct appropriate financial solutions for our professional clientele.

  • Added Value Innovation - our aim is to design innovative products (no mass investment vehicles). We offer our clients services that deliver lasting added value.
  • Safety - we consider it very important to only work with the top issuers/counterparts.
  • Secondary market - we care that our products are suitable for regulated secondary markets.

Product picking

Third-party products checked by Novium
» subscription volume normally*) from CHF/€/$ 10,000 to 500,000.

Pooled products

The required subscription volume does not have to come from a single professional client. In such cases, Novium contacts professional third parties in an effort to find the remaining necessary capital for the target product.
» subscription volume normally*) from CHF/€/$ 100,000

Custom products

Everything is optional. The product is custom tailored to meet the needs of the professional client.
» subscription volume normally*) from CHF/€/$ 2 million

*) The minimum subscription volume can be increased for complex products.

What is a structured product?

A structured financial product is an investment comprised of a combination of several basic financial products. This combination must include at least one derivative. The combination of various financial investments results in a product that has its own market price and an independent risk profile.

Structured products are often designed to preserve capital. It should be noted that the capital preservation aligns with the creditworthiness of the guarantor.

Structured products are often combined so that the investor can concentrate on specific market trends.

Novium offers structured products exclusively to professional investors.