‚There are many legitimate reasons for creating an insurance solution‘

For example,

  • advanced inheritance planning
  • third party beneficiary designation
  • protection from external access
  • retirement planning
  • protection of privacy

Asset protection

‚Protection of privacy is becoming more and more important‘

An insurance solution is constructed such that the client's assets are deposited with the insurance company that issues the policy. The assets can be deposited either at a bank selected by the client or with the insurer. The bank's client is the insurance company. No personal client data must thus be submitted to the bank. Such products fall under the heading "insurance wrappers" or "blanket insurance". Novium AG is hired to manage the assets.

Custom insurance solutions

Novium AG works with many renowned insurance companies. The company can thus create a suitable insurance product to meet any client need and subsequently find the appropriate insurer.

Standard insurance solutions

These investment instruments provide an ideal opportunity to deposit manageable sums in insurance vehicles that are somewhat less flexible. The insurer is usually defined. The client can choose from a number of risk/investment strategies.

  • Novium's network can sell exclusive "standard" insurance products for selected insurance companies in some countries.


  • Standard does not mean lower return on investment - quite the opposite.

  • Standardization enables investors/insurance policyholders to invest in products to which they would otherwise not have access. This makes it possible to generate a higher return. In addition, such products are approved and monitored by supervisory authorities in a number of countries.

A simplified example of an insurance contract for a standard insurance solution

1. Step The consultant prepares an insurance contract that meets the client's needs and defines the investment profile.
2. + 3. Step The applicant/investor reviews the application. The signed application is submitted to the insurer.
4. Step The insured capital is sent to the insurance company.
5. Step The insurance company checks the application and gathers any missing information.
6. Step The insurer prepares the policy and sends it to the investor.
7. Step Novium manages the paid up capital according to investment profile defined in step 1.
A simplified example of an insurance contract for a standard insurance solution