Asset protection

There are very important reasons for asset protection.
All too often people are unaware of this. This can become very expensive and painful.

Possible reasons/candidates for asset protection:

Company owners

  • Product liability

Recent experience shows that the number of considerable liability claims, which can eat up a company's entire assets, is steadily rising.

Management personnel

  • Professional liability

In our increasingly complex business environment, making wrong decisions can have serious consequences. Liability claims against managers can be as high as their entire net worth.

Private individuals

  • Advanced inheritance
  • Third party beneficiary designation
  • Protection from external access

High net worth individuals are often challenged by the task to prepare their inheritance.

Making a person who is not in succession a beneficiary.

Asset protection in case of personal insolvency/bankruptcy (insolvency privilege).

Custom asset protection solutions
Standard asset protection solutions

Novium AG partners with first-class insurance companies. Novium's network includes partners such as Hansard Insurance Group in various markets.

Advantages over other insurance solutions

The advantage of an insurance solution is that the insured party maintains control of the invested assets. In addition, individual components can be quickly modified.