Asset management

,Working in partnership and the will to recognize true needs builds trust.โ€˜

Novium's independence enables it to analyze neutrally. This applies not only to client needs, but also to filtering out unsuitable investment products.

It is very important to Novium to work with an investor to define and execute a suitable investment strategy.

Fund based asset management

  • Novium's strengths are in asset management based on fund investments and special financial products
    Investors / Financial advisors.

  • Novium regularly monitors a large number of investment funds and the fund managers are periodically audited. The selection of funds also includes Novium's own funds


  • Independence

  • Investment strategy
    - Customized to meet client needs
    - Timely execution

  • Focused asset preservation
    - Asset protection
    - Sustainable returns

Capital & preservation, portfolio hedging
Asset protection

Portfolio management

Novium uses special sector approaches to manage portfolios for institutional investors.
Our specialists would be pleased to tell you more. Institutional Investor