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Novium AG would like to draw your attention to the fact that Internet users are endangered by viruses. Targetted external intervention can also not be ruled out.

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The following terms and conditions apply for accessing Novium's website. By accessing the Novium website, users thereby declare themselves in agreement with the following terms and conditions.

Limitation of liability

All liability for damages claims in connection with, for example, reductions in value or losses is, without exception, excluded by Novium AG. This applies for direct, indirect and consequential damage which could arise as a result of accessing, calling up, or retrieving information from, the Novium website and any links to third-party websites.

Exclusion of liability

Information, data and statements of opinion published by Novium are intended exclusively for personal use and are made available for information purposes only. They may be altered, at any time, without prior notice. In no way whatsoever - whether expressly or implicitly - will Novium AG provide any guarantee for the correctness, completeness, or relevance of the information, data and statements of opinion on the Novium website. Novium AG is in no way obliged to remove irrelevant or outdated information from the Novium website; any obligation to draw attention to such information is expressly declined. Data and information on the Novium website do not represent aids to making decisions relating to economic, fiscal, legal or any other type of matter which requires advisory services. In addition, no investment decisions, or any other type of decision, should be made solely on the basis of this data and information.


Price developments which are depicted and listed are not intended to indicate the future performance of investments. Novium AG guarantees neither maintanance of value, nor increase in value.

Legal (localised) limitations

Persons to whom the following applies are not permitted to access, or call up, Novium's web pages: persons who are subject to a legal system which does not permit publication, or, as the case may be, access to, the Novium website (with regard to nationality of the person, their place of residence and/or other reasons), may not call up the Novium web pages.

No offers to buy or sell on Novium's web pages

The following applies to the information, reports and diagrams on the Novium AG web pages: under no circumstances do these represent an offer or incitement to buy or sell investment instruments, enter into transactions, or conclude any type of business of a legal nature.


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