Novium Funds


Novium strives to create funds that stand out due to their uniqueness. This involves attracting the necessary experts to the respective fund or fund sector. The majority of Novium's own funds therefore have a similar structure.

Our experience also covers funds that were tailor-made to meet specific investor requests. Novium is pleased to create fund solutions designed specifically to meet customer needs.


  • Time savings
  • Cost effective
  • EU conformant fund solution

Novium's range of specialty funds comprises funds invested in the following sectors/with the following objectives:

  • real estate
  • construction/construction materials
  • logistics
  • health care
  • private equity
  • wood industry
  • art/collections
  • energy
  • mezzanine capital
  • derivatives
  • equities
  • fund of funds

On our dedicated website you may find detailed information for each Novium Fund