About us

Our strength is our farsightedness

Complex products or processes are split off into smaller units. Put together they work seamlessly as a whole.

Together with its clients, Novium develops financial solutions in the field of capital preservation, special sector funds, asset management and financial engineering.

However, in this complex world it is rarely possible to have the appropriate specialized experts dealing with all aspects of a proposed solution. Novium thus splits problematic issues into manageable parts and enables the required specialist knowledge to be simultaneously applied at various levels. We then link together the various modules to create the desired or defined product or specified customized service.

Our strength is our ability to combine diverse submodules with little compatibility in a manner that provides clients an optimized solution with true ‚Added Value’

  • Design and configuration of special sector funds
  • Special solutions in the field of hedge funds
  • Customized financial solutions

Our broad-based network of relationships and our extensive experience enable us not only to process various subcomponents of our products and services simultaneously, but also to save time when creating the desired solution.

  • Innovative & client driven
  • Transparent procedures and reports
  • Networked worldwide
  • Skills: specialized knowledge, experience, assertiveness
  • Execution efficiency